League and Milk Cup Rules – 2017-18

1.     Entry Fee €2 nightly per player – League and Milk Cup

2.     Home Jack in the league

3.     Named Players can change positions (not during game) – on different nights

4.     Leads and Seconds can sub up from lower divisions. (games not to be cancelled for subbing up)

5.     Starting time 8pm – unless otherwise agreed. Exception – Glaslough start time 8.30pm.

6.     Results to be texted to Secretary Immediately after game and completed score cards returned weekly

7.     League payment in two instalments – 30th November and 30th January

8.     All Fixtures to be fulfilled, any outstanding games must be played before last week of league in each division

9.     Games not to be cancelled because one player unavailable – subs to be used. 4 Point Penalty to teams who postpone a game and do not replay it within 2 weeks.

10.To be eligible to play in League / Milk Cup players must also be eligible to play or play their nationals in Monaghan Zone

11.In Milk Cup – Toss for Jack and Toss for Mats – one toss per club

12.At end of league if tied on points – play off to be arranged in neutral venue

13.On Milk Cup Qualifying nights – if tied - 1 x extra end to be played by last team on mat

14.In Milk Cup Final – if tied – 3 x extra ends to be played with 1 x point recorded per end played by last team on the mat

Items to Note

·        All outstanding fixtures must be brought up to date

·        Secretary must be notified of all cancelled games

·        Rules say subs must be used if a player is unavailable

·        Instead of cancelling a game bring games forward if necessary

·        All League results must go to League Secretary for approval before going up on the website. Website will be updated once a week – (this is dependent on speedy receipt of signed score cards)

·        Players in Divisions 1 + 2 cannot sub down to their 2nd team in Divisions 3 or 4.  However the players in Division 3 + 4 can sub up with the exception of the skips